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Formal Garden – Buitenhuis

Formal Reflective Pool

Curved planted steps to compliment the circular water feature

Circular water feature

Ceramic water feature

Agapanthus and Iceberg Roses complimented by Dietes and Dianella

Peach Tecomaria columns create the only splash of colour, and contrast with the dark blue of the pool.

The beautiful house is one of the first colonial houses built in Durban, and the garden, like a well chosen piece of jewelery needed to compliment the house without drawing attention away from it.

The original garden was a bland stretch of grass, with a well shaped pool occupying a large part of the front.

The planting was formal with a simple white palette using Agapanthus, Pelargonium, Murraya and Gazania. The only colour in the garden comes from a large Coral tree, and 4 columns of peach-coloured Tecomaria around the pool.

We built features around the garden to create focal points when viewed from the house into the garden, and places to sit and appreciate the house from the garden.

The pool’s reflective wall took its design from the shape of the pool, and creates an attractive feature when viewed from the house’s generous verandah.

  • Type Formal

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